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Murphy McManus was founded over twenty years ago to provide comprehensive, expert real estate development services focused on the needs of healthcare, research, and life sciences facility owners. Bob Murphy, a CPA and former Director of Real Estate at Boston's Children's Hospital Boston, identified the growing need within the medical community for expert real estate advisors to manage the development of increasingly complex and expensive medical facilities.

Since our formation, we have overseen the development of numerous large and small projects for a wide array of clients, with particular emphasis on medical ambulatory, research laboratory and life science laboratory facilities.

Over the past two decades, the complexity and specialization in healthcare, research, and life sciences facilities have continued to intensify. Murphy McManus has kept pace, providing customized, experienced, and dependable leadership within each sector. Our in-house finance, architectural and engineering professionals provide complete management of projects from inception to completion and occupancy.

Childrens Hospital science lab

Center for Life Sciences Boston, Children's Hospital Boston